Mum urged to move house after overhearing daughter’s creepy comment to ‘imaginary friend’


It’s no secret that children often say the funniest things – they can’t help themselves and often just don’t know better.

But sometimes they also say the creepiest things too.

We’ve seen before how one child claimed to be friends with the devil, while another girl terrified her mum after telling a story about a woman she knew from a past life who went to prison.

A similar thing happened to one mum recently and she shared the bizarre experience in a video on TikTok.

The parent, known only as Jess, overheard her daughter having a good laugh while in the bathroom, she says she thought it was “the cutest thing” so she decided to start filming.

However, while recording the laughter suddenly stops and the whole mood shifts.

A door can be heard slamming and then her little girl spookily proclaims: “No one leaves the room.”

Jess looked pretty freaked out by the whole thing and ended the clip there.

The mum later posted an update, revealing more about what happened.

In the second TikTok, she claims she asked her daughter what she had been doing and who she had been talking to.

The child simply said she had been talking to a friend.

Jess added: “I know she’s talked about having imaginary friends before, but she won’t tell me about them.”


More than two million people have watched the first video, with it garnering over 304,000 likes.

Thousands also took the time to comment on the clip, with many thinking the family’s house was haunted and her daughter was talking to a ghost.


Another said: “WHAT?!”

A third replied: “Yeah you definitely have some spirits, cause kids can see them.”

Someone else posted: “Sometimes kids just like to make up games and pretend they’re talking to someone. Hopefully nothing to worry about.”

“That took a dark turn,” added a different user.