José Mourinho says he is motivated by his ‘Mourinista’ following


José Mourinho says he has learned to deal with people questioning the methods of “one of the most important managers in the game”.

Mourinho has won trophies at a number of top clubs across Europe, including two Champions League and three Premier League titles. But in recent years he has attracted criticism for his style of play and being outdated in the modern game.

“I don’t think anybody is going to discuss rocket science with the guys from Nasa, with everybody around the world,” Tottenham’s manager said at a virtual Game on with Mourinho event organised by the club’s sponsor AIA.

“They think they can discuss football with one of the most important managers in the game. That’s the beauty of football. I got used to it. I appreciate that. So that’s fine for me.”

Mourinho has developed an army of fans around the world, known as Mourinistas, who attach themselves to whatever club he is at. He says that support motivates him to be the best he can.

“Honestly I get my strength from myself but mainly from the people that I love and the people who I know they love me, even if many of them I don’t know them, I haven’t met them,” he said.

“I used to call them the Mourinistas, because in Portugal we use ‘ista’ in the end of the name of the club that we love, to express the support. For example if you are from Porto you say Portista, if you are from Benfica you say Benficista and if you are from Mourinho you say Mourinista. I have so many Mourinistas around the world that I play for them.”